The journey of Linen!

Not so long ago, linen was considered to be a professional attire.

It appeared in the beginning as a dress code at corporate meetings, in the boardroom, and as normal business attire.

Today, though, it is being considered as a favorite among youngsters too! We are now seeing the linen hoodie, Casual party wear, and also as festive wear.

Being hugely versatile as fabrics go, linen is making its presence felt in a big way now.

Just when the fashion-conscious audience had put it down to being comfortable attire for hot summers, now, we see it making the rounds at pool parties and as weekend party wear.

Lightweight, highly absorbent, and able to lend itself to being made into a variety of formal and casual wear, Linen has now found it’s niche in every fashionista’s wardrobe.

From being displayed in high-end fashion magazines to being the choice of a huge selective audience, linen has come a long way.

Linen has it’s roots in as far back as prehistoric Europe. It was also the choice of Egyptian royalty.

Ireland, Italy, and Belgium being its origin, linen soon moved to China too which now produces large quantities of the fabric today.

With a thread count variation spanning 200 – 2000, Linen stands head and shoulders above all other fabrics in versatility.

Damask – a type of linen formed on a jacquard loom, is ornate and very much like delicate embroidery, which we now find in Sherwanis, Lehengas, and exquisite sarees.

Wearing linen exudes class, though it is a highly-priced fabric, more and more people now include it in their normal day to day wardrobe simply because first off it is very comfortable to wear and keeps one cool.

And yes, it is the new fashion statement of the present times and so it has become a personal favorite among all the trend-setters, and the movers and shakers of the fashion scene today opt for linen in their high-end couture wear.

Not just as a choice in the hot months of summer, Linen is now used as Fall and Winter coats, dresses, and trousers.

As playtime wear and night-clothes for children,

And as the fashion-conscious diva’s go-to,

As the choosy business magnate’s choice of office wear,

As trendy warm thermal wear and as the laid back youngster’s casual attire, Linen has now come full circle and is reaching new heights in fabric production.

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