The Versatile Face of Linen

While choices are aplenty in the world of fabrics, Linen steps ahead as the most versatile fabric, known to lend itself to being used in a whole gamut of clothing, household linen, and upholstery.

From bedspreads to table covers, furnishings, curtains, and all kinds of table mats and runners, why even as upholstery for cars, Linen has found its way into our households in a big way. Linen holds special appeal due to the fact that it is a very durable, easy to clean fabric. Soft yet sturdy, Linen can be used for long years, in fact, handed down over generations. The Coorgis of India have an interesting custom in their wedding preparations wherein the mother of the bride starts making beautifully embroidered linen table covers, cushion, pillow covers, quilts, bedspreads, and collects them in an old fashioned trunk which is handed over to the bride on the wedding day.

All the high-end upholstery brands today offer a separate section of their products which consists of pure linen made into various household furnishings.

Today’s highly selective audience doesn’t mind the high prices attached to pure linen, because of its beauty and versatility.

Apart from being used widely as formal wear, as also trendy casual wear and even as festive dresses and exquisite sarees,

Today Linen has come a long way and is definitely here to stay!

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